Benefits of Decluttering and Organizing


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A Behavioral Approach     

Identifying an object as clutter has to do with both meaning and value. These constructs are relative and not absolute. For instance, holding onto certain objects such as a plastic water pitcher from a hospital stay usually brings up bad memories. It may be functionally useful but its’ meaning will be directly tied to the hospital stay. Value has to with economic life. Objects such as unworn or unwearable clothing and shoes, books you plan to re-read, impulse items you may have purchased hold less economic value than the owner believes. However, there are a few exceptions in some cases but very few.

Decluttering and organizing gives you freedom to let go of the past, propel you into your present, and enable you to begin planning your future. This process will transport you on a journey to uncovering self -limiting beliefs and negative emotions, and will increase healthy self -love. You will be amazed at just how much better you feel mentally as well as physically. Clutter is visual noise, which is shown to increase stress and decrease concentration and focus.

Objects hold meaning and value

Research Findings about Clutter and Disorganization     

Clutter and disorganization is indicative of sad or painful memories and emotions. It is where one deposits these feelings. Clutter is a container for unwanted emotions and an indication of unresolved issues like grief, anxiety, depression, guilt, loneliness, shame, and / or low self-esteem. Clutter makes it impossible to live in the present, plan for the future and let go of the past. With a safe person such as myself decluttering and organizing in a decisive and time wise manner is cathartic. 

You will sleep better, longer and sounder. Social scientists studied individuals who slept in cluttered spaces, they had more trouble falling asleep, slept less, woke up more often, thus, missing out on REM restorative sleep. People who live in clutter and disorganization often have digestive problems too, such as frequent heartburn and acid reflux. Being around clutter and disorganization silently impacts people on multiple levels.

Additionally, social scientists confirm clutter and disorganization raises cortisol levels (stress hormones) in the blood stream.

After decluttering and organizing, you are much less likely to impulse shop and bargain shop. This saves you money and time that can be spent more constructively. 

Focus and concentration improve because you now have an organized environment to live and/ or work in. Your home is your sanctuary, and your office is where you want to most productively earn your income.

You will spend lots less time looking for stuff like your car keys because you know where you put them. In addition, you will not be repurchasing items you already own because you could not find them when you needed them. 

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