Let’s Declutter and Be Organized, LLC

A Behavioral Approach

1. What is the first step?
Ask yourself: “What is your goal for decluttering and organizing?”

2. How do you envision your life after completing this process?
Ask yourself: “Am I willing to follow the behavioral steps in my daily life?”

3. Are you willing to participate in the decluttering and organizing process, and are you willing to learn and use the steps to maintain your home or business environment?
Ask yourself: “Am I really willing to participate?”

4. What can I expect during the decluttering and organizing process?
Moments of mixed feelings and anxiety at the start of this process is not uncommon. For others, there is an immediate sense of exhilaration and relief.

5. Why should you hire me?
“I will put my years of experience to work for you and teach how to maintain a clutter-free and organized home or business. My dedication and commitment to you reaching your goals sets me apart from others. I possess a deep understanding of human behavior from years of working with people as well as my formal training in behavioral sciences. My approach to decluttering and organizing is a behavioral approach based on proven methodologies. My skills along with your full participation provide you not only immediate relief from clutter and disorganization, and also long-term benefits such as more calmness, focus, and a pleasing environment.”

6. What do I do with all the stuff I don’t want?
Disposing items either trashing, recycling or donating is your responsibility. Disposing of the of items yourself will have a long-lasting impact on you. Before you begin the decluttering process with me ask your family members and friends if there are any items they may like to have and take with them.


People frequently say to me, “I’ll need to clean up before  you come; I don’t want you to see my mess.”
Please leave things as is because this will enable me to assess a plan of action, and to determine your individual needs. Your privacy and confidentiality is my standard. If you are really sick and tired of clutter and disorganization, then give me a call for a free consultation and Let’s Declutter and Be Organized.

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